Light Steel Construction Manufacturing, Construction Materials, Construction Manufacturing Equipment

Light steel construction production with advanced technology and superior quality understanding. It produces pre-produced light steel structures, industrial structures and life containers with high quality standards. Our innovative philosophy and people-oriented approach, sales, marketing, production, R & D and R & D investments, and superior activities in the field of living.

MARA combines aesthetic and technological solutions in luxury villas, multi-storey buildings or Ecological Living Units, in short, in many alternative structures. Lightweight steel structures manufactured with advanced technology are Mara’s specialty.

MARA profile industry with its many integrated plants and innovative power multi-storey light steel structures, industrial plants and wide-span special projects for the production of qualified light steel profiles.

Our company, which also owns the Mara brand, continues to respond to the needs of the sector in all areas.

Our company continues to provide services on international platforms with its high-tech production,effective after-sales services and customer-oriented approach.


  • Steel Is Economical
  • Steel Is Earthquake Resistant
  • Steel, Environmentalist
  • Steel, Fast
  • Steel, Quality
  • Galvanized Steel, Stainless
  • Steel, Flexible
  • Steel Poses No Danger To Lightning