Founded in 1989, MARA continues its attempts to expand its range of services from its inception.

First of all, food and tobacco products, which are the main activity subject, have structured their supply distribution network flawlessly.

It has implemented construction and construction projects without compromising its quality – trust oriented approach.

Our goal as MARA is to provide opportunities and resources that will contribute to the development of our employees in line with their abilities and skills, to create a working environment that supports excellence, creativity and quality by providing communication with which they can share their ideas.

We have made it our principle to offer you the best quality by expanding our business in accordance with the requirements of the fast consumption sector and the era we are in.


We provide consultancy services all over the world with our experienced and expert staff.

By planning your projects on time, we contribute to the value of your brand in the global market.

We add quality to your projects by applying the right product in the right place in accordance with international standards.

We are proud to please our valued customers by delivering your projects on time.

Our vision

To be the leader in the sector of Turkey with innovative products, known and preferred company of the world, which gives direction to its sector by using its knowledge and experience, which its employees are proud of, which its customers and suppliers are happy to cooperate with.


Today’s competitive market conditions and frequently changing customer demands lead to alternative solutions in the retail sector. Therefore, the choice of suppliers to increase profitability is at the forefront.

Mara makes sure that the manufacturers and suppliers that will provide products to its brands are innovative, expert in quality products and extremely fast in the field of Service.

Based on the principle of maximum benefit, it works with products and companies that will provide satisfaction.